Bakfiets CargoBike Long Cruiser
Bakfiets CargoBike Long Cruiser Ivory

CargoBike with Shimano Electric Assist

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A fun and functional bike for transport

The Bakfiets CargoBike is a healthy alternative way of transport with limitless applications such as safe child transport, grocery shopping, commercial purposes, touring around the block, going to the beach for a BBQ, carrying your pet and many more.

Flat foot technology and perfectly balanced geometry gives you the feeling you are flying.

Often copied, this is the original child-carrying bike of its type, and the most successful commercially to date. Thousands of families worldwide are enjoying this bike daily. It is a modern design classic, whose proven durable charm and fitness of purpose make it a conservative investment, commanding a high resale value after the kids outgrow it.

The Dutch have proven through the years that the Bakfiets CargoBike is a fun and functional.

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