Family Cargo eBikes & Trikes

Family Cargo eBikes & Trikes


      Find a cargo ebike to suit your entire family.

      As the official Australian retailer of premium European eBike brands we know our stuff. All of our bikes, trikes and ebikes come with lifetime customer support and added safety features to offer you and your family peace of mind for years to come. 

      Looking for a cargo bike or tricycle for your business?  Browse our Business & Delivery Bikes.

      Cargo family bikes and trikes are a fun and healthy way to travel with your family, children and dogs. Our team of experts have more than 30 years experience to help you choose the best possible fit. These child & dog-friendly ebikes have become an increasingly popular alternative for families in Australia. As a result we now stock many different options to suit your needs. Our bikes offer an eco-friendly and pollution-free alternative for transporting children, dogs and other pets.

      Top considerations when purchasing a new family bike or trike include whether you want an electric-assist option or a manual option and whether you’re looking for 2 wheels or a 3 wheel tricycle for added stability. Some of our top-selling family bike brands include, Urban Arrow, and Nihola.

      Other cargo bicycle options include bikes for businesses such as delivery bikes and special needs bikes.

      Not sure which option is right for you? We are here to help! Contact us today for advice or to book your free test ride to try before you buy.

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