Gravel and eBike Bikepacking

Gravel and eBike Bikepacking


      Buy an electric gravel & bike-packing bike to last a lifetime. Our all-terrain bikes come with electric-assist and manual options, all with lifetime customer support. We are based in Auckland, where you can try the ebikes for sale.

      Gravel & ebike packing bikes are designed to ride on a variety of different surfaces at a relatively high speed, handling drops and a bit of air-time.

      Why are our bikes better than others? The difference is in the detail. We are a family-run business with over 30 years experience selling only the best European bikes. We sell premium products and offer expert advice. The dedicated one-to-one service you receive from our experts before, during and after your purchase are just two of the reasons we have happy customers.

      Not sure which bike is best for you? Contact us now with any questions or to try any of our bikes before you buy.

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